What is CHNA?

CHNA is the Cumberland Hill Neighborhood Association. We are a non-profit group of volunteers who run the association with a single purpose in mind: To protect and/or increase the value of our homes within the Cumberland Hill neighborhood. For more information about what we do, please see the “Join CHNA” page.


What are the dues?

The annual dues are only $60. Cumberland Hill neighborhood was not initially set up with an HOA and mandatory dues. Seeing that there was a need to establish a neighborhood association to do such things as create and maintain a front entrance, repair street signs etc., a group of neighbors banded together to create CHNA. We operate on a budget provided by your voluntary dues. $60 is one of the lowest annual dues in Lexington.
For people who are new to the neighborhood and have moved in mid-fiscal year, we do offer a prorated dues payment schedule as outlined our our Join CHNA page.
It is very important that each house contribute, so that we can continue to provide essential services that benefit ALL of us.


What happens if I don’t pay my dues?

We know who you are, and we have ways of taking care of you. Seriously though, why would you not pay your dues? They’re only $60/year. That’s just $5 per month. A ridiculous bargain. Not only does it cover the aforementioned expenses, but your membership with CHNA also comes with additional benefits, such as assistance with conflict or problem resolution, and the ability to participate in the various activities and social events that we like to host throughout the year. If you don’t pay your dues, please do not expect us to help you when your neighbor has that eye-sore of a truck parked in front of your house for 3 weeks.
Having said that, there are some people who don’t pay their dues, and CHNA will continue to do its work on behalf of ALL of our neighbors. Is it fair? No. By not having mandatory dues, we have to conduct a dues drive every year and count on enough neighbors to pay. We try to make it as easy as possible, including a dropbox and accepting credit card and PayPal payment. We want everyone to understand that CHNA benefits every homeowner in the neighborhood. We also, from time to time, publish a “thank you” list of supporters who have paid their dues.  Just know that we will always strive to make every penny of your dues payment count, and will continue to make Cumberland Hill neighborhood a great place to live.


I don’t care about social activities. Why should I pay dues when I don’t go to parties?

The #1 reason everyone should be paying dues is to help pay for the upkeep and utility fees that we pay to keep our front entrance landscaped, our lights lit, our street signs repaired, etc. That is where the majority of our budget is spent. There are families of all ages here in Cumberland Hill. Some families love the events; some don’t. Most importantly, by hosting social events, we allow our neighbors to get to know one another, which creates a stronger sense of community. A stronger community is a more desirable place to live, and so it goes along with our overall mission of protecting and enhancing property values.


What’s the scoop on the pool and the clubhouse?

The swimming pool, clubhouse and tennis and basketball courts are owned and operated by the Cumberland Hill Swimming Pool Association, or CHSPA. This is a separate association from CHNA. They have a membership body known as “Charter Partners”, who are entitled to certain perks and privileges. Anyone, regardless of Charter Partner status, can join the pool in the summer for a membership fee. Anyone can rent the clubhouse. CHSPA pool members can rent the pool for parties during certain times.
For more information, please visit the CHSPA website: www.cumberlandhillpool.com


How can I get involved with CHNA?

Please reach out to us via email: chna4you@cumberlandhill.net. We are a volunteer organization, so the more the merrier. We can always use good people, and we welcome fresh ideas and positive energy.